Tornado Awareness

What is the difference between a Warning and a Watch?

Tornado Watch

  • Simply means that conditions are favorable for tornados to develop.
  • Take precautions to protect yourself.  Listen to the radio [KYMN 1080, KDHL 920, WCCO 830].
  • Tornadoes most likely occur in late afternoon on a hot spring day.
  • Be alert for changes in the weather and be prepared to act quickly.


Tornado Warning

  • Means that a tornado has been sighted.  If the warning is near your area, seek shelter immediately.
  • Do not take time to close windows or find flashlights.  See shelter in the building you are currently in.
  • Wait for an all-clear signal before leaving your shelter.  Do not assume that the tornado is past because the sirens have stopped sounding.


Planning for a Tornado

  • Wherever you are, if you hear or see a tornado coming, take cover right away.
  • Get under something sturdy, such as a heavy table, hold on and stay there until the danger has passed and the all-clear has been sounded.  Use your arms and hands to protect your head and neck.
  • Know where your designated hall shelter area is located.  In most areas, this is either the storage room or interior hallway in the center of the building.
  • If you’re outside, go immediately to the lowest level of any building on campus.  If there is no building nearby, lie flat in a low spot.  Use your arms and hands to protect your head and neck.