Person of Concern

Occasionally, s student, faculty or staff member may exhibit behavior in a classroom or in the community that makes others feel intimidated or uncomfortable. While some may feel this is a one-time incident, it should not be ignored. Whenever someone feels intimidated or threatened or there are repeated incidents that create an unwelcome or uncomfortable environment, the person should immediately report this to a College official (supervisor, professor, dean or public safety). A person may also call the Campus Conduct Hotline (866-943-5787), a confidential, anonymous service to report problems that may affect your life in our community. Through proactive reporting, we may better address a concern in a positive manner for all parties involved and avoid escalation to more severe behavior.

Examples of behavior include:

  • Outward displays of anger
  • Use of inappropriate language (profanity, sexual, racial/ethnic slurs, etc.)
  • Displays of intoxication or chemical use
  • Suggestive or unwanted attention
  • Persistence and unwelcome teasing and joking

Where to address concerns:

  • If you feel threatened, call Public Safety at x3666
  • If you feel intimidated or uncomfortable, call the Dean of Students Office x3503 or Public Safety x3666

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