Gas Leaks, Fumes and Vapors

If you smell or detect natural gas, fumes or vapors:

  1. Leave the area immediately
  2. Leave all light switches in their current position
  3. Go to a safe area and call Facilities at x3280 during business hours (Public Safety x3666 at all other hours)
  4. Provide the dispatcher with your location and the location of the odor
  5. Remain in the safe area and meet emergency responders or evacuate the building if necessary

If a building evacuation is ordered by emergency responders:

  1. Leave all ventilation systems operating unless otherwise instructed by emergency responders
  2. Leave the area immediately using the stairs
  3. Provide assistance to those with special needs if possible
  4. Report to your department’s designated gathering point to be accounted for

Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder

Bomb Threats

Campus Closing/Late Start Procedure

Criminal Activity Reporting


Gas Leaks, Fumes and Vapors

Hazardous Materials

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Severe Weather

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