About Public Safety

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Staffing and Location

Staffed with a director, and nine full-time officers, Public Safety provides 24-hour security services, patrol and response throughout the year. Public Safety is dedicated to the safety and protection of the entire St. Olaf community consisting of 3000 undergraduate students and approximately 800 faculty, staff and administrative personnel. Public Safety officers are charged with enforcing college policies as well as local and state laws where applicable, that occur on college property. Although public safety officers are not licensed police officers, they are empowered to make arrests pursuant to Minnesota Code Section 629.37 governing citizens arrest. Public Safety is located in the lower level of Tomson Hall. 24-hour response is available by calling x3666.

Building Security

The St. Olaf campus is private property and as such, access to and the ability to remain on campus may be denied based on inappropriate behavior. Public Safety is responsible for checking and locking all academic and administrative buildings and checking residence halls. Public Safety strives to see that all appropriate doors are locked and asks that any student or employee who notices an unlocked or propped door to report the location immediately to Public Safety at x3666.

Daily Crime Log

A daily crime log is maintained in the Parking Office and is available for public review during normal business hours. This log contains a chronological listing of all crimes reported on campus property and includes the date and time reported, the date and time the offense occurred, an approximate location, general information and the disposition of the crime.


Students concerned about their personal safety may contact Safe Ride at x3666 and request vehicular transportation on campus and to areas immediately adjacent to the campus. This service was created for personal safety reasons only and will not transport groups of people or provide transportation to downtown locations. Safe Ride is available from 7:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. each day classes are in session. Public Safety staff will provide transports during those hours Safe Ride is not operational.

Vehicle Assists

Public Safety can provide some roadside assistance to students and employees who are experiencing car trouble on campus. Public Safety carries a variety of unlocking tools and jump packs in their vehicles. If you lock your keys in your car or find you have a dead battery, contact Public Safety at x3666 for assistance.