Camera Settings for Canon Rebel

Turn Canon Rebel camera on. Either use full auto mode OR for more control turn top dial to “Av”, set ISO to 100, by holding the ISO button on the back and using the scroll wheel on the top (near the shutter button) to select then set with center OK button. Use scroll wheel to select an f stop/aperture of F8.0 change your white balance to auto white balance by holding the WB button on the back of the camera and using the scroll wheel to select AWB, tap Set button to confirm.

Tap the Menu button at the bottom of the camera’s back and in the first menu, choose Image Quality and set it to RAW. And on the side of the lens where it says AF and MF make sure it’s switched to AF.

With the camera on the tripod, zoom the lens to 55. This focal length will document your work without creating distortion. Wider focal lengths cause a bowing distortion.

Move the tripod closer or further away so the camera is capturing all of your work but only minimal background

When your have your work framed in the camera take the photo.