Final Studio Walk-Through

During the last scheduled class time, the class will do a walk-through that serves as a studio inspection. All
are required to attend. The class meets in CAD 214 and moves as a group throughout the studios. The purpose of the walk-through is to ensure that studios have been left in good condition, and also to ensure that your belongings are packed and ready to load on commencement weekend. All preparations must be done in advance of the studio walk-through.

Preparation for the walk-through:
  • All of your belongings should be boxed up (placing large items nearby) so all your things are compressed​ ​into a small mass, ready to load. Unclaimed items will be disposed of by the group during the walk-through.
  • Furniture cleaned, floors swept.
  • Tools and supplies returned to proper place.
  • Garbage, recycling, and hazardous waste disposed of properly. See technical staff with questions on​ ​proper disposal methods.
  • No studio use is allowed after walk-through.

The carts in the woodshop are available for your use, but please return them to the woodshop.​