Exhibition Logistics

The exhibition is the culmination of your work this semester, and in many ways the culmination of your years here at St. Olaf. The exhibition will be designed by the museum director and professionally mounted in the Flaten Art Museum, Groot Gallery, and adjacent spaces by the museum staff. Students interested in alternative exhibition sites on campus should speak with museum staff and technical staff early in the semester.

A spokesperson, elected by the group during the first class session, will facilitate communication and organization between students, museum staff and the art dept. This individual should be detail oriented and responsible.

Spokesperson Responsibilities:

  • Immediately after the first class send an email to the 343-faculty-staff@stolaf.edu email alias and identify yourself as spokesperson and provide your own contact info.
  • Act as liaison between the students and staff/faculty.
  • Keep classmates aware of deadlines regarding meetings, poster, & group projects.

A mandatory tech meeting is held prior to installation as a way to communicate with museum and tech staff about installation issues. Before the meeting, each artist must complete and submit the Tech Form.

  • On the Tech Form, explain your proposed method of installation, using sketches if needed.
  • Deliver Tech Form to Jane Becker Nelson’s PO in the art office, Center for Art and Dance 200.
  • Attendance at the tech meeting is mandatory.
  • Spokesperson reminds classmates of meeting via email.

Students will design and distribute a poster for the exhibition. In addition, there is the option to create individual postcards, at the discretion and expense of each artist. The exhibit will also be highlighted on the department webpage. (See the archive of posters from previous years)

  • A rough draft must be proof-read by the museum staff before printing.
  • The poster should include the following information:
    1. Title of show
    2. Names of artists (Medium of each artist is sometimes listed)
    3. Location: Flaten Art Museum, Center for Art and Dance, St. Olaf College
    4. Dates of show, including the year
    5. Date and time of reception
    6. Museum hours
    7. Museum website (stolaf.edu/flaten)
  • The poster can be printed on campus at the print center, and charged to the museum. The group spokesperson (or poster designer) can ask museum staff for a budget number.
  • Print 70 posters.
  • Send a digital copy to Jane Becker Nelson for advertising and Patty Cohn (cohn @ stolaf.edu) for the archive.
  • Post to social media as desired. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Put posters around campus, downtown Northfield and at Carleton 2 weeks before the show opens.
  • If individual artists make their own postcard, these should be mailed 2-3 weeks before the show opens. These are done at the artist’s expense, either at the print center or off campus.
  • Online postcard printer options include: 4by6.com, modernpostcard.com, psprint.com.

Each artist must submit label information and an artist statement to the museum. Museum staff will print these documents and hang them in the gallery near your work.

  • Prepare and submit label information. See the Label Submission Checklist.
  • Include title, medium, insurance price, sale price. For more information on pricing your work refer to Pricing Your Artwork.
  • If your work is not for sale, type “NFS” in the sale price field. You must still determine an insurance price. This amount should be reasonable, since these are student artworks and an insurance company would require past sales records for claims that are too high. Click here for more information about selling your work.
  • Prepare and submit an artist statement. See the Artist Statement Checklist for more information about how to do this.
  • Submit documents no later than due dates posted on calendar.

Payment is due upon delivery of your work to the gallery
. Payment using Ole Dollars only. Bring your tally form and your Ole card (charged up with enough money).

Delivering your work to the gallery is a big event for which you should be well prepared. All problems must be resolved in advance of this day.

  • Bring your work to the gallery during the time posted on the calendar. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Work must be ready to install (framed and wired, structurally sound, no wet paint, installation problems already resolved, etc.)
  • When framing, refer to the Framing section of this Handbook for information.
  • Attach a temporary label with your name and the title securely TO THE FRONT of each piece. Museum staff will use this to match your labels and statement to your work.
  • Deliver any sketches or written installation instructions.
  • Deliver any unusual hardware.
  • Confirm that you’ve delivered your work with museum staff. Your name will be checked off the master list.

Once artwork is delivered to the museum and your materials fee is paid, the next step is to clean and organize your studio. Doing it this day will allow you to feel relieved, move on to other obligations, and will make things easier as we wrap up the semester. Please consider this the last step in the production of your show, and one of your final impressions left at St. Olaf.

  • Box up your belongings.
  • Return borrowed tools and materials to their proper location.
  • Properly dispose of trash, recyclables, and hazardous waste.
  • Clean up your studio area.
  • Make plans to have belongings sent home with family attending your opening reception.

The opening reception is a time for you to celebrate and share your artwork with family and friends. Refreshments will be provided by the art department and there will be a time for public introductions.

  • Reception is held from 1-3 pm with remarks at 1 pm. The Department Chair will give a general introduction. All artists will introduce themselves.
  • State your name, hometown, where your work is located (North or South gallery), and a brief description of the work.
  • Following the reception, load your studio belongings to send home with family or friends.

During the run of your show, you will participate in a Final Faculty Critique, complete a Written Peer Critique for other artists, and participate in a Final Peer Critique with all students in Art-343.

The Final Faculty Critique, with all art-343 faculty members, will take place in the gallery during the regular scheduled M/W class times; the schedule will be sent in an email.

  •  Faculty will complete the Final Critique Form.
  •  Students must bring their written answers to the Final Questions Form to this critique.
  • Each student must complete a Written Peer Critique for all other artists. These will be presented to the artists at the Final Peer Critique.
  • The Final Peer Critique will take place in the gallery. See calendar for day and time. All students from Art-343 must be present at these critiques.
  • Spokesperson(s) or museum worker contacts public safety to unlock the gallery before peer critique and to relock when peer critique is over.

An Art and Art History reception will be held in the gallery for family and friends the morning of commencement. Check the calendar for time.

You are responsible for removing your work on time.

  • If you have a scheduling conflict with your de-installation, you must arrange for a friend to take your work down and remove it from the gallery for you.
  • Following Commencement, all work MUST BE REMOVED BETWEEN 5-7 PM.


  • Flaten Art Museum
  • Groot Gallery–go up, use vertical space!
  • Link wall – east side
  • Installation room
  • 3D critique room
  • Green space outside of Groot Gallery
  • Center for Art and Dance Corridor – south AND north sides
  • Digital screen – ask Patty Cohn in DC 200
  • Possible performance spaces – Link, Urness, Viking, Kelsey, dance studios, etc. Must get permission as-needed.
  • 2D critique room
  • Other campus spaces (ala Erika Terwiliger’s Repository in science library) Must get permission as-needed
  • Print study room – unavailable, reserved for art history majors