Exhibition Logistics


Tentative dates for the 2020 Senior Show are September 4–26, 2020. A celebratory Closing Reception for the artists, family and friends, and the general public is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 26 in lieu of a typical opening reception. Exhibiting artists in attendance will remove their work immediately after the reception. Please also upload your artwork to the 2020 Virtual Gallery by May 4th.


A spokesperson, elected by the group during the first class session, will facilitate communication and organization between students, museum staff and the art dept. This individual should be detail oriented and responsible.

Spokesperson Responsibilities:

  • Immediately after the first class send an email to the 343-faculty-staff@stolaf.edu email alias and identify yourself as spokesperson and provide your own contact info.
  • Act as liaison between the students and staff/faculty.
  • Keep classmates aware of deadlines regarding meetings, poster, & group projects.

Mandatory tech meetings will be held via Google Hangouts to a) communicate with museum and tech staff about exhibition logistics and b) discuss individual installation issues. 

Artists with last names starting with A–M will attend Tech Meeting 1. Artists with last names starting with N–Z will attend Tech Meeting 2. The first half of the meetings will be full group and artists may sign off once their work has been discussed. ‬

Before the meeting, each artist must complete the Tech Form. Name the document LAST NAME_FIRST NAME (eg: “BRANDON_MIRANDA.pdf” and email it to Patty Cohn (cohn@stolaf.ed). 

Virtual Tech Meeting 1 (Last names starting with A–M)
A link to the meeting has been sent to you via email.

1-3pm, Monday, April 13

Virtual Tech Meeting 2 (Last names starting with N–Z)
A link to the meeting has been sent to you via email.

1-3pm, Wednesday, April 15 


Students will design and distribute promotional material for the exhibition. The museum will pay for color poster printing. (See the archive of posters from previous years)

  • By August 1, a rough draft must be shared with museum staff.
  • The poster should include the following information:
    1. Title of show
    2. Names of artists (Medium of each artist is sometimes listed)
    3. Location: Flaten Art Museum, Center for Art and Dance, St. Olaf College
    4. Dates of show, including the year
    5. Date and time of reception
    6. Museum hours
    7. Museum website (stolaf.edu/flaten)
  • The poster can be printed on campus at the print center, and charged to the museum. The group spokesperson (or poster designer) can ask museum staff for a budget number.
  • Print 100 posters.
  • Send a digital copy to Jane Becker Nelson for advertising and Patty Cohn. The Art Dept and museum will share on their websites, social media, and in College email newsletters. 
  • Students may post to social media as desired.
  • If individual artists make their own postcard, these should be mailed 2-3 weeks before the show opens. These are done at the artist’s expense, either at the print center or off campus.
  • Online postcard printer options include: 4by6.com, modernpostcard.com, psprint.com.

Each artist must submit label information and an artist statement to the museum. Museum staff will print these documents and hang them in the gallery near your work.


Send your tally form amount to Patty Cohn by May 4th.  We will bill your student account for that amount.

  • Work must be ready to install (framed and wired, structurally sound, no wet paint, installation problems already resolved, etc.)
  • If framing, Google it – lots of videos online! 
  • Discretely label each object with your name and title (on the back, bottom, etc.)
  • Attach a temporary label with your name and the title securely TO THE FRONT of each piece. Museum staff will use this to match your labels and statement to your work.
  • Include sketches or written installation instructions as needed.
  • Include any unusual hardware.
  • Dates will align with campus-wide access dates announced by Residence Life staff, or by appointment. Contact Mona Weselmann to schedule.

If you cannot deliver your work, please complete the shipping section on the Museum Label and Shipping Submission Form by April 22. Mona will contact you to confirm details for shipping arrangements. All works must be received by June 1, 2020. Funds are available to cover artists’ shipping costs. If your shipping estimate exceeds $100, please contact Mona Weselmann (weselman @ stolaf.edu) or Jane Becker Nelson (beckerj @ stolaf.edu) for approval.

For helpful packing tips, watch YouTube videos about how to pack 2D and 3D artwork for transport. 

How to pack ceramics or 3D for travel videos:

How to pack paintings for travel videos:


If you cannot pick up your work after the exhibition, please email Mona Weselmann by September 1 to make return shipping arrangements (for your work to be shipped to you at the conclusion of the exhibition). Mona will confirm shipping details with you by September 7. Funds are available to cover shipping costs. Work will be returned to you the weeks of September 28 and October 5.


If you come to campus to deliver work, at that time you must clear out your studio space and areas of classroom studios that you used for your 343 work.  If you are shipping work and not able to return to campus, please let Christie (hawkins@stolaf.edu) know this — she can box up any belongings you had left in your studio and discuss how to get them back to you.

  •   Return borrowed tools and materials to their proper location.
  •   Properly dispose of trash, recyclables, and hazardous waste.
  •   Clear out your belongings, and clean up your studio area.

The tentative reception date is Saturday, September 26. 


If you attend the closing reception, you will be expected to de-install your work at the conclusion of the reception. All work must be removed. Come prepared with folios, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tissue, etc. to protect your work as you hand-carry it out of the galleries. Rolling carts will be available.

If you cannot attend the closing reception, you must make return shipping arrangements or determine a temporary storage solution in consultation with Mona Weselmann by September 1. 

  • Flaten Art Museum
  • Groot Gallery–go up, use vertical space
  • Center for Art and Dance Corridor – south AND north sides
  • Link wall – east side
  • Installation room
  • 3D critique room
  • Green space outside of Groot Gallery
  • Digital screen – ask Patty Cohn in DC 200
  • Possible performance spaces – Link, Urness, Viking, Kelsey, dance studios, etc. Must get permission as-needed
  • 2D critique room
  • Other campus spaces – must get permission as-needed
  • Print study room – unavailable, reserved for art history majors