Printing in the Art Department

If you are planning to do large format printing...

Do not forget to email whenever you have placed a printing file on the Team Drive as that alerts the printing workers to look for new work to be printed.  Also, a reminder to pay careful attention when naming your file to be sure to include size and paper type so that we can make sure you get what you want.  Keep in mind that lead times may need to be longer when demand is high so submit your work early to avoid missing deadlines!

The cost is .03/square inch.  To calculate the cost of your print:

  • Determine the total paper size (including border). For example, for a paper sized 8″ x 10″: 8 x 10 = 80 square inches
  • Multiply the total square inches by .03.  (80 x .03 = $2.40 is the amount you owe)

The most commonly used papers we print on are:

  • SEMI-MATTE (comes in rolls that are 16″ and 24″ wide)
  • LUSTER (comes in rolls that are 10″, 16″, 24″, and 44″ wide)
  • FINE ART and GLOSSY papers are available with advance notification