Submitting Your Labels

Label Submission Checklist

 Submit using the Museum Label and Shipping Form by due date.

  • Include name, title, and medium exactly how you would like it printed on the wall label.
  • Use all lower case in medium(s) field (i.e. “oil on canvas” or “intaglio”)
  • Submit one label per object. If you have a series or grouping but want only one label for the set, submit one label and title it accordingly – e.g. “Composition Series #1 – #10”.
  • Ask your advisor for help or advice BEFORE deciding on pricing. Things to consider when pricing your artwork.
  • If your work is not for sale, type “NFS” in the sale price field.
  • Include a total price for a series of objects and enter this price once in the insurance column.
  • If you have a series and want one label and prices differ for each object, submit one label but send Mona an email explaining your pricing. You can create a customized pricing statement, which will be included in the works list binder. 
 (See suggestions below.)
  • If prices vary for groupings of objects, you may want to organize them into categories and have one price for the set. For example, “small prints $50 or large prints $75”.
  • If you have framed and unframed versions of prints, for example, designate a pricing structure for both framed and unframed work.
  • Provide an insurance value for individual objects or one price for the TOTAL piece/installation. This may or may not differ from the sales price.
  • Include an insurance value even if the work is not for sale. This amount should be reasonable since insurance carriers require past sales records for claims.

Label/Price List Options

Label List

A label list works well for a condensed series or a group of works. Create a numbered list matching to the installation in a Word doc, JPG or PDF and email to Mona.


Making a map of the wall installation is a good option if you have multiple pieces in a grid or salon style display. Number your works and create a corresponding diagram for titles and prices. Create the map in a Word doc, JPG or PDF and email to Mona.


Mona has examples of previous labeling/price list solutions. Please contact her for more information or with any questions if you have special requests regarding your labels or pricing list.

Label submission is final. No changes please.