Submitting Your Labels

Label Submission Checklist

 Submit using the Museum Label Form before or by the due date posted on the senior studies schedule. This information will be used for tombstone labels, a price list and insurance coverage.

Tombstone labels with object details will be installed next to your work on the gallery walls.

  • Enter your name, title, and medium exactly how you would like it printed on the wall label.
  • Use all lower case in medium(s) field (i.e. “oil on canvas” or “intaglio”)
  • Submit one label per object.
  • If you have a series or grouping but want only one label for the set, submit one label and title it accordingly – e.g. “Composition Series #1 – #10”.

A price list will be in the gallery that provides visitors with an itemized list of your work and sales prices. Prices are not included on tombstone labels.

  • If your work is not for sale, type “NFS” in the sale price field.
  • If you have a series and want one label but prices differ for each object, submit one label and send Mona an email explaining your customized pricing statement.
  • Past examples of sample price lists  and  gallery maps may be helpful to clarify pricing.
  • If prices vary for groupings of objects, organize them into categories and have one price for the set. For example, “small prints $50 or large prints $75”.
  • Framed and unframed versions of prints may require a pricing structure for both.
  • Ask your advisor for advice BEFORE determining pricing. Things to consider when pricing your artwork.

Your work will be covered under the college insurance policy during the exhibition.

  • You must provide an insurance value for all artwork. Insurance companies require past sales records for claims so values should be reasonable.
  • Enter an insurance value for individual objects or one value for the TOTAL value of an installation.
  • Enter a TOTAL value for a series of objects once in the insurance column.
  • The insurance value is usually the same as the sales price.

Label/Price List Options

Label List – Pricing Samples

A label list works well for a condensed series or a group of works. Create a numbered list matching to the installation in a Word doc, JPG or PDF and email to Mona.

Map – Map Samples

Making a map of the wall installation is a good option if you have multiple pieces in a grid or salon style display. Number your works and create a corresponding diagram for titles and prices. Create the map in a Word doc, JPG or PDF and email to Mona.


Mona has examples of previous labeling/price list solutions. Please contact her for more information or with any questions if you have special requests regarding your labels or pricing list.

Label submission is final. No changes please.