Final Questions to Prep for Final Critique

Preparation for Final Faculty Critique

Please answer the following questions on this form and bring to your Final Faculty Critique.


A. Concept

  1. What is your main idea for this series?
  2. How has your idea changed/evolved over the course of the semester in response to your process and feedback from others?
  3. In what ways have you challenged yourself and taken risks?

B. Development of the work

  1. How does this body of work relate to your previous work?
  2. How does it suggest the direction your work might take in the future?
  3. Which other artists or art movements have influenced you? How?

C. Craft, Formal Issues, Presentation

  1. In completing this body of work which of the formal issues seem most vital to a full appreciation of the work? (Line, color, shape, form, volume, rhythm, space, value, properties of materials, etc.)
  2. Are the materials and techniques appropriate for the ideas?


  1. How has the studio program directed your growth and development as an artist?
  2. What were the limitations of this program for you?
  3. What would you change about the content and structure of the program?