The Media Room (DC 101)

343One of the functions of the media room is to assist with your documentation needs. The lighting studio, located within the media room, is suitable for both 2D and 3D documentation and may be reserved by students currently enrolled in an art course and for course related projects only. Time slots are based on the media workers schedule. The Media Room Hours are on our website.

Make sure that you email 24 hours in advance of your preferred time slot to reserve it and alert the attendants on duty to your needs.

Your email should include:

  • Your name
  • Time and date of your reservation
  • Type of artwork – 2D or 3D
  • Number of artworks
  • Approximate sizes

The media room attendants have been trained to assist with documenting 2D and 3D work. Their role is to assist in the moving of all lighting equipment, set up backdrops, and check out items needed for the shoot. Their job is not to shoot the work for you.

Cameras and tripods are available for check out at the media room. If you are more comfortable or familiar with a personal camera you are welcome to bring your own.  There is also a camera designated for use in the Media Room ONLY. If you use this camera bring your own SD card, computer, or memory stick so you can download the images before leaving.

If you find the staged setting of the media room is not the type of documentation that best compliments your work, you may choose to photograph it installed in the gallery. If you are not sure of how to best document your work contact Kate Fisher (