Academic Building Hours

Building Hours for the Academic Buildings are listed below.  ANY/ALL requests for changes to any of the posted schedules MUST be submitted to no less than 2 weeks prior to the first date that schedule goes into effect.  Electronic Door Programming takes time, and as such, requests made after that 2-week deadline will likely be unable to be completed.

If you have students who will need access to labs/offices, etc. OUTSIDE of the ‘normal business hours’ (i.e. after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, or during Breaks), send an After-Hours Access request to and you will be e-mailed the link to the Google Form where that information can be submitted.  NO student are allowed in any of the Academic Buildings after midnight and/or lock-up.  If there are cases where that may happen, please contact Public Safety at: with those individual requests. As a safety reminder for lab spaces, some departments have chosen to require that there are a minimum of two students present for some of their lab/work spaces, HOWEVER, there are some spaces that do not hold that same requirement. We recommend that students generally do not work alone, and it is the responsibility of each Supervisor/Faculty/Staff to verbalize expectations to the students who will be working in the space(s) they are responsible for.

The After-Hours Access request does NOT activate key card access to spaces–it is only a tool used by Public Safety to verify that the students found in the buildings/spaces on campus are actually authorized to be in those spaces. If your students need their Ole Card activated for certain spaces, those requests need to be filled out on the appropriate form and submitted. While often times the same names may be on both lists, there are some times where only one or the other of us [Public Safety or Ole Card] needs the information.

A question was raised as to ‘why’ there are two different lists and why could the information not be compiled into a single submission.  The short answer is that each list serves a different purpose, and while there is some overlap, there will be times when someone is on one list, but not the other.  For example:  Let’s say that the Card Access has been submitted for a student for RNS 221.  But that student will ONLY be in/working in the lab at times when the building is normally open, and will not be in working late in the evenings/weekends.  Public Safety would NOT need that student’s name added to the After-Hours Access List.  Conversely, if there was a student in CAD who had permission to work in a normally locked (and no card-access door) room on the weekends, Public Safety would need that student’s name on the After-Hours Access List, but Ole Card would have no need for the information.  For safety and security of everyone, the assumption that anyone with Card Access has After-Hours Access is NEVER immediately assumed.  It is important to note that the Faculty/Staff requesting the After-Hours Access are also assuming liability for the individuals who they are authorizing for the extended access.

If you have any specific questions regarding space access, please contact

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