Student Programs

St. Olaf EMT’s

In an effort to provide the highest possible medical care at injury and accident scenes on campus, a voluntary program has been created which utilizes St. Olaf students who possess Emergency Medical Technician certification. The St. Olaf Emergency Medical Technicians (SOEMT) will work cooperatively with Public Safety when medical assistance is needed on campus. SOEMT will be dispatched to medical calls immediately after Public Safety Officers have been notified. Since the staff of the SOEMT are students, this added medical response is available only when classes are in session.  To visit the SOEMT organization web page, please click on the logo below.

Link to SOEMT Program
Safe Guard

The Safe Guard Program provides BOTH vehicular transportation and walking escorts for one or two students concerned about their personal safety both on-campus and to College owned houses where students reside. This service operates out of Tomson Hall from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. each day classes are in session during the academic year.

The Safe Guard Program is under the direction of the Public Safety Department and is staffed entirely by students. Public Safety Officers will provide escorts during the hours Safe Guard is not operational. This service is not designed to take students to downtown locations for shopping, dining or relaxation and requests may be refused if deemed inappropriate. Requests for “group rides” will be denied.

 For An Escort,
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