President’s Award


The President’s Award recognizes staff whose performance went substantially beyond expectations on a specific assignment, task or goal or whose contributions had a significant impact on department or college objectives beyond the normal responsibilities of the position.

Nomination Process

The nomination process begins with the form below.

Please note: You must download and save the form first. Then, open the form from the saved location on your computer, complete and save it, and submit it via email to Mike Goodson, Vice President for Human Resources.

Past Award Recipients

  • Dan Beach, IT – Recognized for creating the design and inner-workings of the online benefits enrollment process from scratch.
  • Jean Callister-Benson, College Special Events – Recognized for taking over commencement planning and implementation from another area in addition to her normal responsibilities.
  • Jacqueline Christensen, Human Resources – Recognized for her contributions to the benefits online enrollment process as well as the introduction of HSA accounts.
  • Brad Hoff, Alumni and Parent Relations – Recognized for his extraordinary efforts in leading the revamping of the Alumni and Parents Relations function for the College.
  • Kevin Larson, Facilities – Recognized for leading and supervising the Telecommunications staff through CLEC fiber and business installations.
  • Roberta Lembke, IT, Library, and Telecommunications – Recognized for taking over supervision of Telecommunications, her contributions to keeping services running while seeking a buyer, and her contributions to the Broadening the Bridge collaborative efforts with the Carleton IT and Library services.
  • Craig Rice, IT – Recognized for his Telecommunications work with CLEC customer service operations.
  • Jessica Smisek, Human Resources – Recognized for her behind the scenes administrative support and customization of the online benefits forms complete with electronic signatures and coordinating the various employee training sessions.
  • Wendy Woitalla, IT – Recognized for her role in the online benefits enrollment process and automating the distribution of annual salary letters to Employee Self-Service accounts.
  • Megan Carmes, International and Off-Campus Studies – Recognized for her contributions in working with the international students when there was a vacancy in the role where primary responsibility resided.
  • Chad Christiansen, Public Safety  – Recognized for his contributions in automating the records management system for the Parking Office function as well as his work across the campus on various alarm and surveillance camera systems.
  • Sindy Fleming, Multicultural Affairs – Recognized for her contributions to the Sustained Dialogue program.
  • Darla Frandrup, Psychology – Recognized for her idea and creation of a Wait List Google Form and process used in the Psychology Department.
  • Nancy Peterson, Advancement Services – Recognized for her contributions in assuming the leadership role in the Advancement Services area until the position was filled.
  • Diane Von Ruden, Counseling Center – Recognized for her contributions in the transition to Electronic Medical Records for the Counseling Center.
  • Anne Wallin, Payroll – Recognized for her contributions to ensure the payroll process continued through a difficult time of being short staffed.
  • John Arndt – Recognized for his contributions in assuming the leadership role of covering for the Senior Accountant open position and pitching in on various projects like the endowment audit and assisting with tax compliance for international students.
  • Aleece DeWald – Recognized for her volunteering to plan and manage all of our winter and spring on-campus events.
  • Sarah Johnston – Recognized for her lead role for the Bridge Consortium project conversion to Alma.
  • Steve Lindley – Recognized for his contributions in taking an increased role and responsibility within the Office of Financial Aid while the Director role was open.
  • Sue Newland – Recognized for the online guide for AAAs that was approved by the administration as an extensive and sophisticated document.
  • Susie Smalling – Recognized for her extraordinary contributions to the Title IX Working Group that exceeded expectations.
  • Sarah Beth Weeks – Recognized for her lead role for the Bridge Consortium project conversion to Alma.
  • Suzan Wegner – Recognized for her contributions in assuming the main role of the Faculty Data Coordinator while that position was vacant.