Tuition Allowance for Employees, Spouses and Retirees


View the complete policy in the Benefits section of the Staff Handbook.


Step 1

Identify “Open” (space available) courses in the Class and Lab Schedule. You may not register for independent study/independent research, summer school courses, music lessons, off-campus courses, or courses through the St. Olaf Alumni and Family Travel Office.

Step 2

Complete the application form linked below. A Human Resources staff member will review the data, verify your eligibility and approve or deny the application. An email will be automatically generated to you after Human Resources has completed the verification.

Step 3

If approved, the form data will be routed to the Registrar’s Office.

Step 4

The Registrar’s Office will register you for the course when registration opens for special students. Please send, to the Registrar’s Office, permission from the instructor to add the course. NOTE: If you are auditing a course, you must also complete the Course Audit Application. All auditors must be registered for liability reasons.

Step 5

If you’ve never taken a course a St. Olaf before, you must fill out the Personal Data form. This form gives the Registrar’s Office the information they will need to issue a student number to you. Contact if you need this form.

Step 6

IMPORTANT- Dropping a class! If you wish to drop the class you must obtain the instructor’s signature on a drop/add slip or email approval and bring/forward it to the Registrar’s Office.  If you do not do this, your name will continue to appear on the class list and the instructor must give you an “F” for non-attendance.  You are bound by all of the calendar deadlines as if you were a regular student.


Tuition allowance application ➤