Medical Emergencies (copy)

Life Threatening Medical Emergency:

If you are confronted with a life threatening medical emergency on campus, call 9-911 and report the incident immediately. A second call should be made to Public Safety at x3666. Public Safety will respond immediately and begin an initial assessment of the patient pending the arrival of the ambulance.

Minor Injuries:

Report to Public Safety at x3666, who along with the St. Olaf EMT’s, will respond and assess the extent of the injury/illness. When appropriate, Public Safety will provide transportation to the Northfield Hospital Emergency Department. If a determination is made by Public Safety and the EMT on scene that an ambulance is needed, an ambulance will be summoned to provide transportation to the emergency department at Northfield Hospital.



During the academic year, when classes are in session, St. Olaf Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) will also respond to the call. St. Olaf EMT’s are nationally trained and certified students who respond to medical situations in conjunction with Public Safety.