Academic Internships and Independent Study

Academic Internships

Committed to social justice, RACE majors and concentrators are passionate about integrating their classroom learning with off-campus experiences. Toward this goal in recent years, they have pursued internships (RACE 294/394) with the Leadership Education in Asia Pacifics, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Public Defenders Office in Cook County, Urban Scholars Program, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Washington D.C. Office, among others. Some sample internship topics include Native American health, Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis, and urban education.

To seek RACE credit for an academic internship, contact the program director about your intended plans and consult the Piper Center’s guidelines for academic internships. You will also want to identify an affiliated RACE faculty member who will serve as your internship supervisor.

RACE majors and concentrators may count one academic internship toward their degree progress.

Independent Study/Research

Appropriation of African American Women, Black Student Unions and Ethnic Studies, Contemporary Chicanas, Environmental Racism, Hip Hop Social Impact, Navajo Healthcare, and Race and Law Enforcement are but a few examples of independent study/research courses that RACE majors and concentrators have developed and completed.

Students who desire to undertake independent study/research through Race and Ethnic Studies should first contact an affiliated RACE program faculty member who will serve as the I.S./R.’s supervisor, develop a proposal and schedule with a preliminary list of readings, and complete the form to be submitted to the registrar’s office.

RACE majors and concentrators may count one independent study/research toward their degree progress.