Sample Senior Projects

Class of 2018





Practices in ‘Love Training’: Social Capital and Environmental Gentrification in a Minneapolis Church
Fiona Carson | project advisor: David Schalliol

Children of Activists
Tiara Davis | project advisor: Lisa Moore

Navigating the PWI of St. Olaf College as Faculty of Color
Emma Engebretson | project advisor: Abdulai Iddrisu

My Body Is Not the Home I Chose but the One I Choose to Love #1-23 | digital photography
Mercy Garriga | project advisors: Lisa Moore and Peter B. Nelson

Internalizing Inferiority: The Effects of Colonization and Racism on the Minds of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans
Maya Lehmann | project advisor: Jonathan Naito

The Power of Poetry for Resistance and Self-Healing
Efren Ramirez | project advisor: Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

집에 보내는 편지
Sam Seo | project advisor: Jennifer Kwon Dobbs





Class of 2017

A Critique of Discourse on “Diversity” and “Inclusion” at St. Olaf College
Udeepta Chakravarty | project advisor: Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Latinx Oles: Commodification, Tokenization, and Celebration!
Lilia Escobar | project advisor: David Schalliol

Against a Sharp White Background
Jacqueline Molina | project advisor: Janna Knittel

Blocking the Vote: A History of Voter Suppression in the African American Community
Samantha Wells | project advisor: Michael Fitzgerald