Civic Engagement and Off-Campus Study

Civic Engagement

Students interested in learning about race and racism in a community setting may select from among ten Academic Civic Engagement courses that also count for Race and Ethnic Studies credit. Please consult ACE’s annual list of offerings to check the availability of:

  • ARMS 250: Asian American Experience
  • Asian Studies 123: Asia in America
  • Education 170: Urban Schools and Communities
  • Education 246: English Language Learners
  • Political Science 244: Immigration and Citizenship
  • Political Science 350: Race and Politics
  • Social Work 373: Just Practice
  • SOAN 266: Crime and Inequality
  • Spanish 273: Cultural Heritage of the Hispanic U.S.
  • Spanish 311: Language in Society

Off-Campus Study

Race and Ethnic Studies encourages students to pursue off-campus study opportunities through permanently approved offerings located in Chicago, Ghana, South Africa, and the southern United States. RACE majors and concentrators have also completed off-campus electives coordinated by the American Colleges of the Midwest Off-Campus Study Programs such as “Human Rights, Social Justice, and Race in the Chicago Context.” HECUA’s Race in America may also be eligible if paired with an independent study (RACE 298/398).

In recent years, RACE majors or concentrators have participated in:

  • Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Social Justice (Chicago, IL)
  • Chicago Semester: Student Teaching and Seminar
  • Development in Southern Africa, Botswana
  • Inequality in America (HECUA)
  • Nation Building, Globalization, and Decolonizing the Mind (Windhoek, Namibia)
  • New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging (Oslo, Norway)
  • O’Keefe’s Art and New Mexico
  • Slavery in West Africa
  • Social Change in Central America, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
  • Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador (HECUA)
  • Social Work in a Latin American Context
  • Urban Schools and Communities

Please contact the program director to discuss whether your proposed plan to study off-campus may count as elective credit for your RACE major or concentration.