Permanently Approved Courses

AFAD 231: Africa and the Americas: the Diaspora Experience
AMCON 211: Fear and Hope (completion of American Conversations counts for one RACE elective)
AMST 205: Chicago: Social Change in the Urban U.S. (when the final research project focuses on race/ethnicity, director approval required)
ART 261: O’Keefe’s Art and New Mexico
ART 265: African American Art
ART 278: Race/Difference in Medieval Art
ASIAN 123: Asia in America
ASIAN 223: Digital Asia in America
ASIAN 371: Asia and the West
DANC 107: Hip Hop I
DANC 108: Native and Immigrant Traditions
DANC 112: African Diaspora in Contemporary Dance
DANC 141: Topics (when taught with the topic “Hip Hop Dance and History”)
DANC 240: African Diaspora Contemporary Dance II
DANC 246: Dance in the United States
EDUC 170: Urban Schools and Communities
EDUC 246: English Language Learners
EDUC 260: Foundations in Education
EDUC 293: Refugee and Immigrant Experiences in Faribault, MN
EDUC 346: Ethics of Refugee and Immigrant Education
EDUC 347: Teaching ESL K-12
EDUC 378: Multicultural Education in Hawaii
EDUC 379: Urban Education Seminar and Practicum
ENGL 108: The Hero and the Trickster in Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL 200: Modern and Contemporary African-American Literature
ENGL 201 Transatlantic Anglophone Literature
ENGL 202: Literary Representations of the Racial Subject
ENGL 203: Asian American Literature
ENGL 205: American Racial and Multicultural Literature
ENGL 207: Women of the African Diaspora
ENGL 208: Black and Asian British Literature
ENGL 209: Arab American Literature and Film
ENGL 210: Post-Colonial Literatures
ENGL 220: Topics in Literary History (when taught with the topic: Literature of American Slavery)
ENGL 251: Major Chicano/a Authors
ENGL 280: Topics in Genre (when taught with the topic: Muslim Women Writers)
ENGL 280: Topics in Genre (when taught with the topic: Queer Literature and Theory)
ENGL 340: Advanced Studies in Literary Eras (when taught with the topic: 21st Century Ethnic American Poetry)
ENGL 345: Topics in Multicultural Literature
ENGL 347: Topics in Post-Colonial Literatures
FAMST 127: Exploring Narratives of Black Families and Communities
FRENCH 271: The Francophone World (when taught with the topic: Les Antilles/The Caribbean)
FRENCH 373: French/Francophone Film
GERMAN 274: Minority Voices
HIST 151: Slavery in African History
HIST 161: Race and Culture in Early America
HIST 165: Slavery in the Americas
HIST 167: Trail of Tears
HIST 181: Civil Rights Revolution
HIST 195: Global Histories from 1500-Present
HIST 199: American History After 1865
HIST 245: Environmental History of Latin America
HIST 256: Slavery in West Africa: Ghana
HIST 270: Major Seminar: American History
HIST 277: African-American History
HIST 278: Experiencing Southern History (off-campus)
HIST 282: Topics in Native American History
HIST 288: America in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
HIST 290: Reel America: U.S. History in Film
HIST 291: Intro to African History
HIST 297: Race/Gender/Sports in America
HIST 320: Seminar: Modern Europe (when taught with the topic: Holocaust and History)
HIST 370: American Seminar (when taught with the topic: Capitalism and Slavery)
HIST 370: American Seminar (when taught with the topic: Emancipation and Violence in America)
HIST 375: Problems of Contemporary America (when taught with the topic: Race and Capitalism in the Modern U.S.)
HIST 395: The Historian’s Craft: Oral History Seminar (when the final research project focuses on race/ethnicity, director approval required)
LAMST 333: Contemporary Latin American Issues
LNGST 245: Roles of Language in the Context of Equity and Diversity
MUSIC 136: American Popular Music through the Lens of Prince
MUSIC 231: History of Jazz
MUSIC 237: World Music
MUSIC 245: Music and Social Justice
MUSIC 345: Advanced Study in Music History (when taught with the topic: Music and Race)
MUSIC 345: Advanced Study in Music History (when taught with the topic: Music of African Christianities)
MUSIC 345: Advanced Study in Music History (when taught with the topic: Music of South Asia)
NORW 224: Rewriting Norwegian Identities (when taught with the topic: Scandinavian Multicultural Film and Literature)
NORW 244: The Sami: Traditions in Transition
PHIL 255: Race and Social Justice
PSCI 244: Race and Politics
PSCI 258: World Politics
PSCI 350: Immigration and Citizenship (when the final paper and RIN projects focus on race/ethnicity, director approval required)
PSYCH 390A: Issues in Psychology (when taught with the topic: Issues in Diversity)
Race Matters (completion of course sequence counts for two RACE electives)
REL 121 section: Belonging as Blessing and Challenge
REL 121 section: Politics in the Bible and the Bible in Politics
REL 231: Lived Theologies of the U.S.-Mexico Border
REL 232: The Insurgent Multiculturalism of Beloved Community
REL 267: African-American Religious Thought
SWRK 221: Social Work and Social Welfare
SWRK 280: Social Realities in South Africa
SWRK 373: Just Practice
SOAN 120: Jazz in American Society
SOAN 121: Introduction to Sociology
SOAN 128: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOAN 233: Sociology of Colonialism/Postcolonialism
SOAN 234: Native North American Cultures and Religions
SOAN 237: Latin American Culture
SOAN 242: Contemporary Native American Issues
SOAN 247: Linking the Local & Global: Changing Face of Minnesota
SOAN 261: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOAN 264: Race and Class in American Culture
SOAN 266: Crime and Inequality
SOAN 269: Urban Sociology
SOAN 299: Life on Campus
SOAN 371: Foundations of Social Science Research (Fall 2017 and by petition depending on topic)
SPAN 231: The U.S. and Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 232: Latinx Experiences in the United States
SPAN 273: Cultural Heritage of the Hispanic U.S.
SPAN 276: Spanish as a First and Second Language
SPAN 311: Language in Society
THEAT 180: Text and Performance
THEAT 379: Special Topics (when taught with the topic: Staging Faith: Religion and Spiritualism in Early 20th Century American Theater)
WRI 111 section: Race and Power
WRI 111 section: Seeing Race in the Twenty-First Century