Sex During COVID-19

Shame doesn’t do anyone any good.
Shaming someone for their behavior just makes them more likely to hide or lie about what they’re doing.

You have options!

Communicating with your Housemate(s)/Roommate(s)
Work towards a shared understanding

Some questions to consider:

How often do you have the room to yourself without interruption?

Are there any accommodations we need to make for higher-risk people in our space, home, or close-community?

What about guests and visitors in the shared space and individual rooms?

How often should we revisit these questions? What happens if these boundaries are not respected?

Communicating with your Sexual Partner(s)
Accountability and transparency is important between partners in a pandemic

Some things to talk about:

Do I or my partner(s) have any other sex partners at this time?

Are my partner(s) and I consistently complying with all preventive safety guidelines, including social distancing? Do you, your partner(s), or any of your close contacts have any preexisting conditions or health risks you should keep in mind?

What is the risk of the sexual activity you and your partner(s) want to engage in and are all partners involved okay with this level of risk?

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