Work Order System

Enter a Work Order

The Work Order System

When you call in or e-mail your request, the office staff will log it into our work order database. The date and exact time of the entry are filled in automatically by the program. This can be helpful for us and the caller if there is a problem later on. Our office assigns each work order to a shop and specific worker when it is entered into the system. In most cases, the worker will see each order within an hour or two of the time it is generated. Our staff is in contact with the office by two way radio, and emergenciy problems will be dealt with immediately.

When the work is complete, the order is returned to the office with the completion date noted. The office staff will then update the database so that we can track what was done and when.

Our program allows us to search for anything on the form. This capability also helps us to evaluate the work load for any given shop. We can call for a report which will give us the total number of unresolved work orders by shop and decide if we need to get more help, or if it is possible for a group with a light load to take over part of someone else’s assignment.

Reporting Emergency Problems

If an emergency problem comes up during the business day, call in to 3280. Again, on campus call DO NOT switch to voice mail if this line is busy. If the line is busy, please call 3281. This number is answered twenty four hours a day in the heating plant. PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS NUMBER FRIVOLOUSLY. The shift engineer must leave boiler operating duties in order to receive the call and dispatch the proper person to attend to the problem.

Reporting Routine Problems

Routine maintenance problems can be called in to the 3280 number at any time. During business hours our staff will receive your call and log the problem into our work order system. It will be assigned to a specific worker at that time, and most often will be reviewed by the person within an hour or two. After business hours you are welcome to explain the problem on the voice mail system, and it will be logged into the work order system as soon as the office staff have an opportunity to poll the message system.

Please be prepared to clearly explain the problem and where it is located, with a building name and room number or reference point. Let us know the time of the report, who you are, and how you can be reached, especially if you are leaving a voice mail message. If the problem is with a piece of department equipment, or is in some other way not routine building maintenance, please be ready with an account number which will pay for the work.


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