Alert Driving Course

Instructions for completing the Alert Driving Course Online [You must have already taken the on-campus class within 2 years in order to take the on-line class. If you’re driving certification has lapsed, you must take the on-campus class again in order to be re-certified. Contact the Treasurer’s Office (x3016) for more information]:

  1. Complete all the information below and email it to the St. Olaf College Administrator, Anita Aase (x3016)  [if you don’t trust email – you may print it and bring it to Tomson Hall Rm 130].
  2. You will receive an email from that contains the information, log-in, and password you need to begin the online course.
  3. Once you have completed the course, will send an email confirmation to you and to me as to whether or not you have completed the course successfully. This is not the only requirement.
  4. The Administrator will check your driver’s license record to make sure there are no serious traffic violations. (California, Washington, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Pennsylvania residents must supply their own DMV record.)
  5. Once the course has been completed successfully and your driving record has passed, the Administrator will send you an email confirming that all requirements have been met, and will submit your name to the list of authorized campus drivers, at which time you may begin driving campus vehicles.

Please note: You will only have one opportunity to complete the online course successfully. Should you fail the course you will be required to attend the on-campus driver safety class.

Full Name:

Email Address:

Driver’s License Number:

State of License:

If Driver’s License is from outside of Minnesota:

Date of Birth:

Social Security #:

Large Passenger Vans: yes( ) no ( )