Facilities Department

The St. Olaf Facilities Department provides and maintains a high-quality, clean, and safe environment that supports and enhances the residential liberal arts college experience.

We focus on operating the physical place as efficiently as practical, while always remembering that our work is essentially stewardship. Stewardship of the environment, structure, and infrastructure to be sure, but almost more importantly of the resources students, families, and friends bring to the college. Every dollar we do not have to spend on a given operation preserves dollars that more directly support the reason we are all here — the development of students through program, opportunity, and place.

The department office is located in the Heating Plant on the second level. The office is staffed 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 – 4 p.m. The office phone number is 507-786-3280. We are served by a voicemail system so that problems can be reported at any hour of the day.  If you have an emergency after 4 p.m., your call will be forwarded to the Boiler Room and they will contact someone to address your concern.

Work Request for non-emergency maintenance and repairs

Key Request to request key

Event Work Order to submit an event work order

MSDS Online to find information on products used by the Facilities team

Exciting News!

St. Olaf is now subscribed to Community Solar Gardens in an amount equal to 103% of the college’s annual electricity purchase. This commitment will fund the construction of 11 megawatts of photovoltaic generation. In addition, five one megawatt CSGs are being hosted by the college on 40 acres of land just west of the Northfield Hospital (also on land leased from the college).

In conjunction with this effort, the college has switched its electricity purchases to Xcel Energy’s Windsource program, which is certified carbon free by Green-E.

The lease income, along with a small net from the CSG subscriptions, means the  college purchased electricity is carbon free with no budget impact.

The 2017 Academic Year Opening Convocation on September 6, 2016 featured a history of the electrification of the college, and celebrated this achievement. The program can be seen here:

Powered by the Sun

An anonymous gift funded the installation of Mondo FTS artificial turf at Manitou Field over the  summer.  FTS offers a number of choices that taken together yield a safe, consistent, and ecologically friendly installation. This installation features a padding system under the turf that helps to reduce the impact of ground strikes, and facilitates drainage. St. Olaf selected Mondo’s Eco-fill product in lieu of more common black crumb rubber. Eco-fill is a soft green color, is about 30 degrees cooler than rubber in the same conditions, has high recyclable content, and is recyclable itself.

A Summer at Manitou Field