Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Use Policy

Title:                          Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Use Policy
Effective Date:        05/01/2016
Issuing Authority:  Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Contact:           or 507-786-3016
Last Updated:           7/20/2021

Purpose of Policy
The purpose of this policy is to define who may operate a St. Olaf College golf/utility cart, identify the required training for cart/utility vehicle drivers, establish procedures and practices that promote safe operations, and provide for the safety of St. Olaf students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Who Needs to Know This Policy
This policy applies to all members of the St. Olaf community including faculty, staff, and students who operate carts/utility vehicles on campus.

Golf cart/utility vehicles may only be used for official St. Olaf College business by approved drivers. Golf cart/utility vehicles may not be used for personal business such as unauthorized home-to-office travel. Knowledge of and compliance with applicable state laws, rules, regulations, and policies are the responsibility of the driver and noncompliance may result in suspension of user privileges. All accidents that occur must be reported immediately to Public Safety at (507) 786-3666.

Golf cart/utility vehicle drivers are not permitted to drive while wearing devices that impede hearing, such as stereo headsets, earplugs, etc. Cell phone usage while driving is prohibited. All passengers must be in seats designed for such use and no passengers are allowed to be transported in the truck beds or on the sides of vehicles. The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts if available.

St. Olaf College’s insurance provider requires that all St. Olaf employees and students pass the utility vehicle driving training prior to driving a golf cart/utility vehicle. In order to remain current, the training must be repeated every two years.

In order to qualify as a St. Olaf College golf cart/utility vehicle driver, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • you must be at least 18 years of age,
  • you are required to have a valid international or state issued driver’s license,
  • you must have a minimum of one-year auto driving experience,
  • you must successfully pass a motor vehicle background check,
  • you must be an employee of or student at St. Olaf College,
  • you must complete the St. Olaf College required online training course,
  • you must complete the hands on cart use and safety training.

Once you have been cleared to drive, you will be added to the list of authorized golf cart/utility vehicle campus drivers for up to a period of two years.

Use of Golf Carts/Utility Vehicles
Golf cart/utility vehicle operation is governed under Minnesota Statutes and operators are subject to the rules of the road, including stopping, turning and safe operation. Golf cart/utility operators observed in violation of these rules can be cited by Public Safety. Operators should always consider the terrain, weather conditions, and existing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, which may affect the ability to operate the golf cart/utility vehicle safely. Safety concerns should always dictate the operational speed, and operators will stop at all intersections and then proceed with caution. Golf cart/utility vehicles are not to be driven on any landscaped area unless it is the only available way to gain access to the specific area where work is being performed.

Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times. Golf cart/utility vehicles must travel in the direction of the flow of traffic and must obey all campus traffic regulations and signs. They must not impede or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow on sidewalks, ramps, or roadways.

Golf cart/utility vehicles will be operated only within the confines of St. Olaf College property. At no time shall golf carts or utility vehicles be driven off St. Olaf College property as they are not licensed vehicles; some Facilities staff may be exempt due to the location of the Facilities warehouse. Vehicles without headlights and/or taillights are to be used only during day time operations. Electric turn signals are required for night time operation; hand signals suffice for day time operation.

Before operating a golf cart/utility vehicle, the operator will check for proper tire condition and inflation. Brakes will be checked for proper operation and the driver will check for any indication of battery fluid leaks such as wet spots under the unit.

When the golf cart/utility vehicle is not in use the operator must place the golf cart control lever in the park or neutral position, remove and secure the key, and set the parking pedal brake. Never leave the keys in the golf cart/utility vehicle when unattended. Golf cart/utility vehicles will not be parked in fire lanes, in DMV disabled parking, in reserved parking, or within 6 feet of the main entrance/exit of any building in any manner that would impede the normal flow of pedestrian traffic.

The department supervisor is responsible to ensure training is satisfactorily completed, provide for annual maintenance of vehicles, maintain compliance, and address enforcement and violations of this policy. Faculty, staff, and student operators are responsible to complete training and operate golf cart/utility vehicles in accordance with this policy. The Executive Administrative Assistant in the Finance Office is responsible to track training records.