SRAP Presentations

09.28.2017 Academic Leadership
10.05.2017 Board of Regents Plenary
10.11.2017 All Staff Meeting
10.31.2017 Student Government Association (SGA) Meeting
11.02.2017 Academic Leadership
11.09.2017 Faculty Meeting

As we were preparing for the SRAP process, members of the President’s Leadership Team and the Board of Regents discussed a thought-provoking article entitled: The Small College Imperative: From Survival to Transformation by Mary B. Marcy. The article explores five different models by which an institution may achieve sustainability in all aspects of its operations.  It explores changes that adapt to evolving realities of costs, demographics, and quality. The article also discusses the variety of short-term actions that institutions typically take; St. Olaf has done several of them, most notably in the areas of “outsourcing” (food service, student health services), and collaboration (with Carleton) in a number of areas. St. Olaf programs can be seen in at least two of these models. For example we offer several popular pre-professional programs in what is described as the “New American College Model.” We have very successfully implemented study abroad programs and high impact practices as described in the “distinctive program model.” It’s entirely possible that as a result of the SRAP process we see elements of the other models emerge. I encourage you to read the short article to help stimulate our thinking moving forward.