Section 3 – Equipment

Table of Contents:

Lock-out/Tag-out Table of Contents


  1. St. Olaf College will provide locks, tags, chains, wedges, key blocks, or other hardware necessary for isolating, securing, or blocking machines and equipment from energy sources.
  2. Specific lock-out and tag-out devices will be issued and identified as Lock-out/Tag-out devices ONLY. They may not be used for other purposes, and only these devices may be used to control energy.
  3. Lock-out and Tag-out Devices shall be chosen by the Program Administrator and Facility Employee will conform to the following standards:
    1. Durable – Withstand wet, corrosive, and other detrimental environmental conditions for the maximum exposure time expected.
    2. Standardized – All devices will be of the same color, shape, or size. Print and format on tags will be the same.
    3. Substantial – Lock-out devices chosen should require excessive force (bolt cutters, etc.) to remove; tag-out devices and attachments should be chosen which will prevent inadvertent or accidental removal and be at least equivalent to a one-piece, all environment tolerant nylon cable, tie: non-reusable, hand attachable, self locking, non-releasable with 50 pound minimum unlocking strength.
    4. Identifiable – Each device will have the name of the authorized employee.
  4. Devices chosen and designated for Lock-out/Tag-out will be listed on the form provided in the Equipment Section of this Compliance manual.

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Device Listing

  1. Based on the characteristics of the energy source, the environment, and their durability, the following lock-out and tag-out devices will be stocked at the Facilities Office.
____________ _______________ ________ ____________ ______
____________ _______________ ________ ____________ ______
____________ _______________ ________ ____________ ______

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