Section 4 – Training Overview

Table of Contents:

Lock-out/Tag-out Table of Contents


  1. Authorized and affected employees will understand the purpose, use, and function of the energy control program.
  2. All employees working in and around energy controlled equipment will understand the lock-out procedure.
  3. All employees will realize that any attempt to restart or re-energize locked out or tagged out equipment is strictly prohibited.
  4. Authorized employees will be able to recognize hazardous energy sources needing control.
  5. Authorized employees will know where to find information on the type and magnitude of energy sources and their injury potential.
  6. Authorized employees will be able to perform lock-out and release of lock-out.
  7. All employees will understand that tags do not provide physical restraint, and are just warning devices.
  8. Employees will respect the integrity of tags, will not bypass, ignore, remove, or otherwise compromise the tag system.
  9. All employees will become familiar with the tags used in our program and understand their meaning.
  10. All employees will realize that tags may evoke a false sense of security.