Section 6 – Program Review

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Respiratory Protection Table of Contents

Respiratory Program Evaluation

The effectiveness of the Respiratory Protection program shall be determined by the director of personnel annually, and will include inspection of training, medical and maintenance records, observation of user proficiency and random inspection of respirators for cleanliness, proper maintenance and storage. A record of this evaluation will be kept.

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Respiratory Protection Program Review

An evaluation of effectiveness is an integral part of the respiratory protection program. The respirator program evaluation form will be completed yearly and these completed forms will be kept in the Program Review Section of the St. Olaf College Compliance Manual. The person responsible for completing this annual review is designated in the Compliance Plan for Respiratory Protection. A list of some questions that could be asked to verify employee understanding is included in this section.

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Respiratory Program Review

1. Are all records complete and up to date? Yes____ No____

If no, what action has been taken to improve future performance?


2. Has air contaminant monitoring been conducted at operations where new raw materials or production processes are in use? Yes____ No____


If no, what action has been taken to determine exposure?


3. Are employees wearing the respirators which have been selected for the job? Yes____ No____

If no, what action has been taken to eliminate the use of improper respirators?


4. Do all employees wearing respirators have medical approval and been fit-tested? Yes____ No____

If no, what is being done to correct the situation?


5. Have all employees completed their initial or refresher respirator training? Yes____ No____

If no, what is being done to complete training?


6. Do employees who have completed training understand limitations, use and inspection of respirators? Yes____ No____

If no, what improvements in the training program are being implemented? (See questionnaire)


Date________________ Signature_______________________________________

Based on this evaluation the following action has been taken.

None required_______________Training Scheduled___________________________


Director of Personnel


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