Finance Office

Office of the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

The Office of the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (VP & CFO) provides financial management and resource development necessary to support the mission of St. Olaf College. The Finance Office acts as liaison between the College and banking companies, auditors, and financial brokers as it undertakes such responsibilities as financing, accounting and gift processing. The Vice President & Chief Financial Officer oversees the research, planning, and implementation of the operating and capital budget. The Vice President & Chief Financial Officer negotiates long and short-term borrowing; and in conjunction with the Controller, coordinates the publication and distribution of the College’s annual financial statements, IRS forms, and other legal documents. The Finance Office is also responsible for the financial planning and management of the College’s business affairs, working closely with the Board of Regents, finance, audit, investment, and buildings & grounds committees. These offices are located on the main floor of Tomson Hall.

This office oversees a number of departments within the College that assist in managing and safeguarding the assets and liabilities of the College.

Departments Reporting to the VP & Chief Financial Officer

  • Business Office
  • Investments
  • Budget & Auxiliary Services
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Facilities