SRAP Drop-Ins and Write-Ins

We’ve set up the following times for Jan Hanson and members of the steering committee, as their schedules permit, to meet with individuals or groups to answer questions, hear your ideas and thoughts, and provide more information about what’s driving the SRAP.  These sessions will not be agenda driven, but allow for community members to drop in and ask any questions.  You’ll note that the drop-ins are scheduled throughout campus.  We hope you’ll take advantage of these informal opportunities.

Wednesday, October 25 2pm – 3pm SAC112 – Skoglund
Thursday, October 26 1pm – 2pm TOH212
Thursday, November 2 9am – 10am BC220
Friday, November 3 12pm – 12:45pm RML525
Monday, November 6 4pm – 5pm CAD204A
Tuesday, November 14 4pm – 5pm RNS136
Wednesday, November 15 8am -9am HH429
Monday, November 20 12pm – 1pm RNS356A
Tuesday, November 21 10am -11am CHM224
Friday, December 1 3pm – 4pm BC143

For those of you who want additional support and insight as you complete the SRAP questionnaire, or who simply want company as you work on the responses, we have set aside some time and locations.  These sessions can also be used by entire departments or offices who want to work together on some aspect of the questionnaire.  Feel free to join us for the entire period or for just a portion of time.

Thursday, December 14 11am – 1:50pm Heritage Room
Monday, December 18 11am – 2pm Heritage Room
Tuesday, December 19 11am – 2pm Heritage Room
Thursday, January 11 2pm – 5pm Heritage Room