Furlough/Reduction Checklist

HR/Payroll Items

Benefit Information

During this furlough/reduction, the College will continue to provide you with the benefits in which you are enrolled. You remain responsible for your share of the insurance premiums and will need to make required monthly payments to continue your coverage. You will need to contact the Payroll Office by email at payroll@stolaf.edu or by calling (507) 786-3299 to determine the amount owed and make arrangements to send a check(s) accordingly.

If you plan to elect your benefits elsewhere (furlough only), you must make arrangements to change your benefit elections within 30 days from the effective date of the furlough. Please contact Travis Grant, Benefits and Compensation Specialist, at benefitsandcomp@stolaf.edu or by calling (507) 786-3068 to complete the required paperwork to discontinue coverage(s).


You may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits through the State of Minnesota. If you intend to apply, you should do so as soon as possible. Whether an employee is given unemployment benefits is a decision made by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). For a determination on benefit eligibility or to apply, contact www.uimn.org or call 1-877-898-9090. Additionally, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) is designed to bring financial relief for individuals and families. Find out more by visiting the TIAA website here.

Unused Vacation Time/PTO (Staff only)

Furlough: You are not able to use accrued PTO/vacation during a furlough, as this would offset the budgetary savings and impact unemployment benefits.

Reduction: You are able to use accrued PTO/vacation during a schedule reduction. However, you cannot use PTO/vacation to replace the hours that have been reduced, as this would offset the budgetary savings and impact unemployment benefits.

Additional Items

Approving Timecards

Be sure to assign an alternate approver of timecards in the Time Entry System.

College Property (IT Equipment, Keys, Ole Card, etc.)

There is no need to return any of these items you may have taken home from work at this time.

Contact Information

Please verify Human Resources has your most up-to-date contact information (home and/or cell phone number, address, and personal email) by logging in to Employee Self-Service.

Credit Card

Furlough only: Be sure to reconcile your credit card statement before the furlough begins.

Email Access

Furlough only: During this period of time you should not be performing any work on behalf of the College. This includes reading and responding to emails relating to your job responsibilities. Personal emails and emails relating to your employment status (e.g. electing benefits during Open Enrollment, completing timecards in TES, acknowledging return to work notices, etc.) are permissible.

Enable Email and Phone Out of Office Message

Email Sample: Hello. I am out of the office and unavailable to respond to email between the dates of XXX and XXX. If this matter is in need of immediate assistance, please email XXX or call XXX and someone will be able to provide support. I will respond to emails as I am able once I return to the office.

Voicemail Sample: Hello, I am unable to take your call at this time. I will be out of the office and unavailable to respond to messages between the dates of XXX and XXX. If this matter is in need of immediate assistance, please call XXX to speak to someone who may help you. Thank you.

Google Drive: Transfer Ownership or Share Access of Files

Any files that will need to be accessed during your time away should be transferred/shared as applicable. To transfer ownership to another St. Olaf user, please follow the steps at support.google.com/drive/answer/2494892.

NOTE: Google Apps for Education will only allow you to reassign ownership of docs to other users in our domain. If you need to move files to a personal account, you will need to do a Google Migration

Google Groups (formerly email aliases/mailing lists)

If you are the owner of any email aliases on campus, please add a colleague as a manager via groups.google.com so they can manage the group as needed.

WordPress Sites

If a colleague will be managing the site in your absence, set them up as an Administrator. Contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.