Chemical Hygiene Plan and Laboratory Safety Manual

All FNSM employees
who spend any time in a laboratory
must read and understand this Manual
working in a Laboratory, or with or near chemicals

“Where hazardous chemicals as defined by this standard are used in the workplace, the employer shall develop and carry out the provisions of a written Chemical Hygiene Plan which is:

  • Capable of protecting employees from health hazards associated with hazardous chemicals in that laboratory and
  • Capable of keeping exposures below the limits specified [in 29 CFR part 1910, subpart Z].”  29 CFR 1910.1450(e)(1)

“The Chemical Hygiene Plan shall be readily available to employees, employee representatives and, upon request, to the [OSHA] Assistant Secretary.”  29 CFR 1910.1450(e)(2)

  • This manual is intended for use by FNSM employees who work in Regents Hall of Natural Sciences.
  • Academic-related employees who work in the Dittmann Center or Speech Theater must follow the “Art Safety Manual.”
  • Facilities personnel must follow the policies and guidelines outlined in the “Hazard Communication Program.”


Implemented:  January 1991
Last Updated:  August 2014
Updated by:
Dr. Patrick A. Ceas
Chemical Hygiene Officer
St. Olaf College