Rules & Policies for All Stockrooms

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Proper PPE is Essential!

These Rules & Policies Apply to all Stockrooms.  Please Follow Them:

Personal Protective Equipment
  • All individuals must be wearing appropriate PPE to enter a Stockroom.
  • This includes long pants, shoes that cover the entire foot and afford protection from liquid spills, and chemical splash goggles if hazardous chemicals are in use or not in enclosed cabinets.

Keep Doors Closed and Locked

Because of the presence of hazardous chemicals, all doors to the 253, 341, 396, and 441 stockrooms must remained closed and locked at all times; they may not be propped open.  These doors have key card access.

  • Individuals caught propping these doors open will lose key card privileges (and hence access) to these rooms.

Authorized Student Access

Students (TA/Researcher) must have prior authorization to (1) have access to RNS 253, 295, 396, or 441, and/or (2) receive chemicals from the RNS 341 Window.

  • At the beginning of each term, Laboratory Supervisors shall provide the Stockroom Managers with a list of Authorized Student TAs/Workers/Researchers, and then update this list if necessary as the term progresses.
  • Stockroom Managers will then complete the proper paperwork to allow the student to have access (via their Ole Card) to these spaces.
  • Authorized Students will have access to a stockroom only during the times specified by the Laboratory Supervisor and Stockroom Manager.
  • Access to RNS 341. For security reasons, student access to RNS 341 (with the exception of Stockroom Workers) is not allowed.

Sharing of Ole Card is Prohibited

  • Individuals (Faculty, Staff, or Authorized Students) must not give their Ole Card to another individual so that the other individual can then gain access to the stockrooms or any other key-card room, even if the other individual is an authorized person.
    • This is a serious safety violation; individuals who do give their Ole Card to another individual will lose key card privileges (and hence access) to these rooms.

No Chemicals in RNS 323!

Do not leave chemicals (packaged or not) in the RNS 323 Stockroom Managers’ office.

  • Bring/return these items directly to RNS 341.

Reminders for Transporting Chemicals

  • All necessary PPE must be worn while handling chemicals and moving chemicals from one room to another room.
  • You must use a bucket or cart (bring the bucket/cart with you to the stockroom).  Never hand-carry a chemical container through a public corridor.
  • Avoid moving chemicals through hallways during periods of heavy traffic (e.g., just after a class period has ended).
  • When using the elevator, do not allow other passengers unless they have proper PPE.
  • If you obtained a secondary container from the stockroom, please return it once it is empty.

Clean Up!

When working in a stockroom, please clean up the area afterwards.

  • Return any item to its proper storage location.
  • Place dirty glassware in the appropriate “To Be Washed” area (generally located near a sink).
  • Ensure that all waste is dealt with properly.
  • Check with the Stockroom Manager if unsure about what to do with an item.