Stockroom Inventories

 What is Stored in the Stockrooms?

  • Stockrooms house a variety of lab resources that fall into one of four categories:
    1. Disposables
    2. General Supplies that are reusable (e.g., glassware)
    3. Equipment that needed for limited time periods
    4. Chemicals
  • No single stockroom has the capacity to house a complete inventory of all RNS lab supplies and equipment; therefore, most supplies and equipment are specific to a particular stockroom.
  • Teaching and research labs typically contain the items that are necessary for work in that particular space.  Such lab-specific items are not housed in the stockrooms.
  • For a complete list of items found in a particular stockroom:
    • Take some time and browse the shelves.  It is good practice for you to become familiar with the stockrooms.
      • There is an itemized inventory list located on the end of each shelving unit.
    • Use the 3-Ring Inventory Binder to determine its proper location.  These binders are sitting on the counter in each stockroom.
    • Use the Quartzy database to determine an item’s location.