Shop Safety in RNS


  • All personnel who intend to use equipment in the RNS Wood or Machine shops are required to contact Kurtis Johnson, Shops Supervisor, (RNS 295A;; x3121), for proper training.
  • Individuals who intend to use Shop equipment must (1) watch the “Shop Safety Rules” video plus any other relevant tool-specific videos as required, and then (2) receive hands-on training for that specific piece of equipment.
  • This training must be completed prior to any use of the Shops.
  • Click on the videos below:
ShopSafetyBridgeRules ShopSafetyBridgeBandsaw ShopSafetyBridgeBeltSander
ShopSafetyBridgeBenchGrinder ShopSafetyBridgeDrillPress ShopSafetyBridgeMiterSaw