Good Pipetting Techniques

Gilson Pipetman: Pipetting Techniques (pdf)

8 Tips to Improve Your Pipetting Technique

Three Short Instructional Videos:

Safe Work Practices for Pipetting

  • Follow these ergonomics suggestions while pipetting.
  • Drain a pipette with tip against the inner wall of the receiving vessel.  Never forcibly expel any hazardous material from a pipette.
  • Carefully eject the disposable pipette tips to minimize aerosol formation.  A wetted towel in the bottom of the dispensing container (which is often a glass beaker) will keep the pipette tip from bouncing around in the container, thereby minimizing aerosol production.
  • Place reusable pipettes horizontally in a pan filled with enough liquid disinfectant to completely cover them.
  • Mouth pipetting is prohibited; mechanical pipetting devices are used.