RNS Stockrooms & Physics Workroom

On these pages please find policies and rules designed to help the Stockroom/Workroom Managers operate their spaces smoothly and efficiently.

Department Contacts for Supplies/Equipment/Chemicals:

If You Need Items from a Stockroom/Workroom

  • First, talk to your Departmental Contact.
    • If they can not help you then they will talk with other Stockroom/Workroom Managers to try to fulfill your request.
  • If you can’t find your Departmental Contact:
    • Your Stockroom/Workroom Managers prefer that you send them an email that explains what you need.
    • If you need immediate assistance then ask another Stockroom/Workroom Manager.  Please understand that our department Managers may be attending to prior commitments and will assist you as soon as they become available.

What Courses/Spaces does each Stockroom Support?

The Stockrooms are strategically located within RNS to support the interdisciplinary study for which Regents Hall was designed (please read “A Dynamic Facility” for further insight).

  • No single stockroom has the capacity to house a complete inventory of all supplies and equipment, and from the Stockroom Managers’ perspective each Stockroom supports a different subset of courses and research programs within RNS.
  • The table below lists the spaces supported by each Stockroom, as well as the permanent support equipment found in each Stockroom (click on table to enlarge):