RNS 295 – Physics Workroom

Features & Functions
  • Supply Room for the Physics Department.
  • A bench area for general repair or fabrication of mechanical/electrical apparatus or equipment.
  • There are two workstations equipped with hand tools and soldering irons.  Instruction of soldering techniques is available.
  • Serves as the primary work space for the Physics Technician, who supports the Physics teaching & research labs as well as providing frequent technical guidance and support for other FNSM personnel.

Workroom Access
  • Access to RNS 295 is limited to Authorized Individuals.
    • Enter via the south hall door, as the north door is usually locked.

Hints to Find the Workroom Technician
  • If the office door (295A) is closed, I am out of the building.
  • If the office door is open, then I am some where in the building.
    • If the office door is almost closed, then look in either the Metal or Wood Shop, first floor, west end of the building, Loading Dock area.

Using the Workroom
  • Follow all safety rules, including proper dress code and PPE.
  • The workroom is open to all who have received proper instruction and feel competent in performing their required task.  If you don’t feel up to the task or are unsure, asking for assistance is always welcome. Generally, asking for this assistance will expedite the situation.
  • Materials located on the first two (south) shelving units are dedicated to Physics lab experiments.  Please do not remove anything.
  • Tools located in the Workroom stay in the Workroom.  Do not remove them.
  • Clean up when you are finished.  It is expected that house keeping of the work area used will be performed at the end of the work task.

Checking Out Supplies/Equipment
  • There is a limited quantity of hand tools and electrical equipment available for check out. Please see the Technician.
  • All items taken from the Workroom must be recorded on a Check-Out Sheet.
    • There are check-out sheets hanging near both hall doors.

Returning Items
  • Items from the Workroom that You Previously Checked Out and are now Returning.  Returned items can be left on the bench.  Fill out the “Return Date” column on the Check-Out Sheet.
  • Items from Your Lab That You No Longer Need and are Bringing to the Stockroom.  Leave item on the bench with a note that informs the Workroom Technician what to do with the item.
  • Broken Items.  If you are leaving an item on the bench to be fixed or discarded, please attach a note including instructions and your name (e.g., “broken” is not a useful description — please describe why/how it is broken, and if it should be discarded or repaired).

Other Questions about RNS 295?