RNS 341 Stockroom

Rules & Policies for all Stockrooms – before using RNS 341 please read and heed

RNS 341:

Features & Functions
  • Holds a store of Disposable Supplies, General Supplies, and Equipment used mostly for Chemistry teaching labs and research.
  • Houses 341A, which serves as the main chemical storage area.
  • Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area.
  • Stockroom Window; which is staffed by Student Workers during Chemistry lab times.
  • Attached to RNS 323, the Biology and Chemistry Stockroom Managers’ Office.
  • Elevator access (for Authorized Personnel with Ole Card access) for easy transfer of supplies and chemicals to/from storage areas, loading dock, or other floors.
  • Serves as the primary work space for the Chemistry Stockroom Manager for the preparation of the Chemistry teaching labs.

Stockroom Access
  • Access to RNS 341 & 341A are limited to Authorized Individuals.
    • Faculty, Staff, and RNS 341 Student Stockroom Workers are allowed in RNS 341.
    • Research Students must be accompanied by his/her faculty supervisor to enter RNS 341.

Using the Stockroom
  • Follow all safety rules, including proper dress code and PPE.
  • Avoid the disruption of normal stockroom activities by being respectful of stockroom staff time and by seeking permission to use equipment, rather than assuming its availability.
  • Carts.
    • Black Carts. The black carts are for faculty use.
    • Gray Carts.  The gray carts are used for laboratory prep; please do not take without asking the Stockroom Manager.
  • No Chemicals in Stockroom Managers’ Office.
    •  If you are bringing chemicals to the Stockroom Managers for any reason, please place the chemicals in RNS 341 before entering the Stockroom Managers’ office.
    • If the Stockroom Managers are not in the office, do not leave buckets or chemical bottles sitting in the hallway.
  • The chemicals in RNS 341A are closely monitored for the following reasons.  Please keep them in mind when checking out chemicals from this space.
    • Safety Reasons.  We do not want chemicals in the hands of individuals who have no reason to be in possession of them.  It is important that a person who uses a hazardous chemical is trained in the potential dangers associated with its use
    • Lab Preparation.  Most of the chemicals stored in RNS 341A are used in the preparation of the chemistry teaching labs. The stockroom manager needs to have the assurance that the chemical is there when the time comes to prepare an experiment.

Checking Out Supplies/Equipment
  • All items taken from the stockroom must be recorded on a Check-Out Sheet.
    • There are check-out sheets hanging near the Stockroom Window and both hall doors.
  • Disposable Items and General Supplies can be checked out any time the window is open.
    • Faculty may access the stockroom at any time to check-out items, but it must be recorded on the check-out sheets.
  • Equipment like hotplates, balances, and pH meters should be requested through the Chemistry Stockroom Manager.
    • If the Stockroom Manager is unavailable, Faculty may check-out equipment but it must be recorded on the check-out sheets.
    • Equipment items that are checked out of the stockroom are not meant to remain in a research space for an extended length of time.  The Stockroom Manager may request that they be returned by a given date.
    • Any items marked with a red dot must not be taken from the stockroom without prior approval from the Stockroom Manager.  These are items used often in laboratory preparation.

Checking Out Chemicals
  • IMPORTANT!!  If you do not fully understand the hazards associated with a given chemical then do not handle the chemical.
  • All chemicals taken from the stockroom must be recorded on the Check-Out Sheets.
  • Bring a bucket, or a tray on a cart, to transport chemicals.  All appropriate PPE must be worn while transporting chemicals.
  • Faculty
    • Preferred Option:  
      • Fill in the relevant information in the online Chemical Request Form and “Send” it to the Chemistry Stockroom Manager.
      • Alternatively, send an email request or contact the Stockroom Manager in person.
    • Secondary Option: Faculty may enter the stockroom to check out chemicals from RNS 341A.
      • The stock bottles must not be removed from RNS 341.
      • Transfer the amount needed from the stock bottle to a small bottle/jar (i.e., the Secondary Container).
      • Label this new Secondary Container with the chemical name and appropriate GHS pictogram (get this info from the stock bottle or the SDS).
      • Record the amount taken on the Check-Out Sheet that is hanging from the hall door (don’t forget to also record that you took a secondary container and lid).
      • Return the stock bottle to its proper location.
      • If the stock bottle has been emptied or there is only a small amount left in the bottle, please tell/email the Stockroom Manager (as an example, 10 mg remaining in a 50 mg bottle of an infrequently-used chemical, or 200 ml remaining in a 4 L bottle, would qualify as “a small amount left”).
  • Authorized Students
    • Supervisors must add their Students’ names to the RNS 341 Window Access Form, and those names will be cross-checked with the Chemical Hygiene Officer to ensure that they have had safety training before they are able to check out chemicals from the Stockroom Window.
    • Chemistry Lab Teaching Assistants can request (course-specific) prepared chemicals and solutions at the Stockroom Window during their lab times.
    • Research Students may request the following pre-approved chemicals at the Stockroom Window:
      • Acetone (≤ 3 L)
      • Ethanol (≤ 2 L)
      • Methanol (≤ 1 L)
      • Sodium Chloride (≤ 500 g)
      • Sodium Bicarbonate (≤ 500 g)
      • Potassium Phosphates (≤ 500 g)
      • Magnesium Sulfate (≤ 100 g)
      • Soda Ash (≤ 500 g)
    • If an Authorized Student requests a chemical that does not appear on the pre-approved list, the request will be given to the Stockroom Manager.

Returning Items
  • Items from the Stockroom that You Previously Checked Out and are now Returning.  Return item to the same location from which you took it, and fill out the “Return Date” column on the Check-Out Sheet.  If you do not know where to place the returned item then leave it on the center counter top with a note that informs the Stockroom personnel that this item is being returned.
  • Items from Your Lab That You No Longer Need and are Bringing to the Stockroom.  Leave item on the center counter top with a note that informs the Stockroom personnel what to do with the item.
  • Dirty Glassware.  Place in the wash bins that are located across from the west sink.
  • Chemicals.
    • If you checked out a chemical from RNS 341 and used the entire amount, return the secondary container to the Stockroom to be reused.
    • If you checked out a chemical from RNS 341 and did not use the entire amount, return the bottle to the Stockroom.  Place the bottle on the bench in the Stockroom and communicate with the Stockroom Manager that you are finished using it.
  • Broken Items.  If you are leaving an item on a stockroom bench to be fixed or discarded, please attach a note including instructions and your name (e.g., “broken” is not a useful description — please describe why/how it is broken, and if it should be discarded or repaired).

RNS 341 Window Etiquette
  • Stockroom Window hours are posted on the window and doors.  Please make your requests during the posted hours.
  • If you lab is locked.  Do not make a request at the window to have a lab door opened for you (Stockroom Workers do not have lab keys so they are unable to unlock doors for you).  Please find your professor or the Stockroom Manager.
  • Before requesting chemicals at the window:
    • Make sure you know the quantities that are needed.
    • Bring a bucket or cart.  Chemicals will not be given out unless secondary containment is used.
  • When requesting items at the window:
    • Tell the Stockroom Worker your name and what class/research lab you’re from.  Be prepared to show your student ID to verify that you are authorized to receive chemicals from the stockroom.
    • While the Stockroom is locating the items you need; fill out the Check-Out Sheet.
  • For classes with independent projects:
    • Prepare a list of needed stockroom items before you come to RNS 341.
    • The staff may not be able to fill those requests on the spot.
  • Promptly return items to the Stockroom so that they are available for others to use.

Hazardous Waste
  • Instructions for how to accumulate, label, store, and remove of your Hazardous Waste are found here.
  • The Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area is located near the elevator in RNS 341.
  • Waste Containers.  Large waste containers (20L or 4L), hazardous waste stickers, and blank manifests can be found on the top shelf.
  • Required Information on Waste Containers.  Before bringing items to the RNS 341 Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area, make sure that all waste bottles have a hazardous waste sticker and a filled-out waste manifest before they are placed on the shelves.
  • There are designated spots for different types of waste.
    • Electronic waste
    • Sharps containers
    • Batteries
    • Liquid waste
    • Solid waste

Other Questions about RNS 341?