Engineering Controls: Fume Hoods and Other Safety Equipment

Fume Hoods: SOP Poster and PowerPoint

Exhaust Arms
  • Find the On/Off dial that is located on a wall in the lab.
  • The On/Off dial operates on a timer; it will automatically turn off the exhaust arm after 6 hours.
  • Turn the On/Off dial clockwise to the desired amount of time, wait a few seconds until you here (and feel) the exhaust arm start to pull air.
  • Place the exhaust opening as close to the item as is feasible; loosen and tighten the articulating joints as needed.
  • Make sure that the internal butterfly valve is in the open position (see photo).  You can adjust this butterfly valve to increase/decrease exhaust flow.

  • Before using an autoclave you MUST receive hands-on training.  
    • Contact the Biology Stockroom Manager for training.
  • Pans, bags, gloves, tape, and other autoclave specific items are located in drawers #2, 3, 4 (RNS 396) or under the whiteboard (RNS 441).
  • Fill out the Autoclave Use Sheet every time the unit is run.  The sheet is located on a clipboard next to the unit.
  • Problems?  Contact the Stockroom Manager directly with autoclave concerns/repair needs, etc.
  • Avoid using the autoclave after 5pm unless it is absolutely necessary.