HW – The Drum Designator Code (DDC)

The DDC is an internal system developed by the University of Minnesota Chemical Waste Registry Searchable Database to classify substances through a two-part designation code: the Hazard Class and the Disposal Type.  For example, if a substance has a DDC of 02LI then it is a liquid inorganic acid.


Hazard Class. The first part of the DDC consists of two digits that designate the chemical’s primary hazard as it relates to the Department of Transportation (not all sequential numbers are used):

01     Corrosive Bases                                          06     Combustibles                       12     Organic Peroxides

02     Corrosive Acids                                           07     Flammable Gases                14     Explosives

                                                                             08     Flammable Liquids

03     ORM-A (Other Regulated Materials-A)       09     Flammable Solids                 16     Oxidizers

05     ORM-A (Other Regulated Materials-A)       11     Non- Flammable Gases        18     Poisons


Disposal Type. The second part of the DDC consists of two letters that further describe the chemical/physical characteristics of the substance, or defines the type of disposal or treatment methodology required.

NH   NonHazardous – dispose in regular sewage or trash

BS     Bulkable Solvent                            HP    Pesticide                                          PX    PCB Contaminated

CG   Compressed Gas                             LI     Liquid Inorganic                               RX    Radioactive Material

CL    Chlorinated Organic Liquid              LO    Liquid Organic                                SC    Sulfuric/Chromerge

CN   Cyanide                                            NA   Nitric Acid                                        SI      Solid Inorganic

CS    Chlorinated Organic Solid               PA    Poison A                                         SO    Solid Organic

DX   Dioxin Containing                             PB    Poison B                                         SS     Shock Sensitive

EX    Explosive                                         PI     Poisonous Inorganic                       TS     Trade Waste Incinerator

FB    Fuel Blending                                  PF    Peroxide Former                             WS    Water Sensitive

HM  Heavy Metal                                     PO    Pourable Oil

FL    Flammable Liquid                            FS     Flammable Solid