Student Fundraising Guidelines

Title: Student Fundraising Guidelines
Effective Date: 12/17/2015
Issuing Authority: Controller
Contact: Nate Engle at or 507-786-3502
Last Updated: 12/17/2015

Purpose of Guidelines

These guidelines have been established to assist students in fundraising activities for their organization and to ensure proper controls and processes are in place for funds directed to a student organization.


It is the College’s intent that fundraising by student organizations do not detract from other fundraising campaigns that occur on behalf of the College.

All fundraising activities should provide information on how the funds will be used and should be for the benefit of the organization soliciting the request or a non-profit beneficiary aligned with the organization’s mission.


All fundraising activities (cash, goods, or services) for registered student organizations need to be approved by the Office of Student Activities by completing a Fundraiser Request Form. Please complete this form at least two weeks in advance of your activity to ensure it will be approved on time.

Financial Processes

Accurate financial records must be kept for all fundraising activities. If an organization receives financial donations, or gifts in-kind, they must be deposited to Tonya Malz at the Business Office within five business days of the conclusion of the campaign. A Business Office Deposit Form should accompany each deposit. All donors making an individual gift of $250 or greater should be separately identified in order for them to receive a gift receipt from the College. The Business Office is responsible for sending this information to Advancement Services.

All financial activity should be done through a College bank account. If an organization wishes to receive funds electronically, the Office of Student Activities will provide instructions after the Fundraiser Request Form has been completed. A personal bank account should not be used for any student organization fundraising activities.

Please see this Fundraising Checklist for a detailed list of tips to ensure a successful fundraiser.


Organizations which conduct fundraising activities must comply with all College policies and applicable governmental regulations.

Failure to obtain approval or to follow the guidelines listed above will result in the loss of an organization’s fundraising privileges for the remainder of the academic year.