Experiential Learning Opportunities in Pharmacy

In the United States, a PharmD, or Doctorate in Pharmacology, is required to practice as a pharmacist. The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (www.AACP.org) is an excellent resource to assist you in deciding whether or not pharmacy school is for you, and if so, guiding you through the application process and beyond. There are about 100 PharmD programs located throughout the nation, most of which are four years in length and many of which have characteristic pre-requisites and recommended undergraduate coursework which vary between different pharmacy schools. If you are entertaining the option of attending pharmacy school, then it is important to survey the requirements for each school and account for them in your academic planning. In general, four years of undergraduate study with a BA degree is preferred by admissions committees.

Potential local pharmacy internships
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Potential local pharmacy internships


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