What can you do with a physics major?  Here is what St. Olaf physics majors have done:

Two page summary of all information.

Career Enhancing Experiences

Internships, research, employment, study abroad, and leadership experiences that Oles have highlighted as being especially meaningful for their own career exploration and professional development.

First Destination (work and service)

First Destination is the first step after graduation. We recommend that you look at what graduates have done right after graduation, as well as what they are doing 10-15 years after graduation.

First Destination (education)

Some physics majors pursue further education immediately after graduation. Many others pursue graduate school several years later.

Employment (10-15 years after graduation)

Explore what physics majors are doing 10-15 years after graduation.

LinkedIn Alumni Profiles (10-30 years after graduation)

See LinkedIn profiles of physics majors 10-30 years after graduation.