Outside Funding Opportunities

For Undergraduates and Post Graduates

Often domestic or international service opportunities, non-profit organizations and academic research opportunities aren’t able to provide funding for interns and volunteers. This guide provides several resources for both undergraduate and post-graduate students to explore when raising money for internships and other experiences.

General Funding Resources

Donation-based fundraising campaigns for most anything – music, hobbyists, personal finance needs, charities, etc.

World Teach Fundraising Guide
Provides a comprehensive guide to procuring funds from friends and family, community organizations, corporations and other possible funders. Includes sample letters and flyers. Some resources are World-Teach specific.

Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

St. Olaf Fellowships and Scholarships
Learn more about funding opportunities for current St. Olaf students and recent graduates.

While governments are eligible, as well as for-profit and larger corporations, community-based groups are also eligible. These are probably more competitive, but a source nonetheless. They especially encourage underrepresented ethnic groups and people with disabilities to apply.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy includes a comprehensive list of grants and scholarships available. Some are huge, some are small. Look under “deadlines” in the left hand border for a list of opportunities by category. Also provides information on how to fundraise for a non-profit, including regularly updated articles on things like new media. Subscribe for more information.

Music Grants

The Schubert Club’s Special Grants Program
The Schubert Club’s Special Grants program offers grants and other financial assistance to serious, talented music students who are seeking financial assistance to further their musical development. Grants typically range from $500 – $1000 and are used for special music education projects such as summer camp, workshops, etc. Applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 30 (32 for vocalists) and reside in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin.  Note: The costs of on-going lessons or school tuition, transportation or housing are not supported by Special Grants awards.

Additional Tips and Ideas

Tips on Grant-Writing
Free tips on grant-writing along with trend articles. Links to websites with grant lists, writing technique and book resources.

Creative Fundraising Ideas
Want to host a head shaving contest to raise money? Creative ideas on fundraising events, like a bake-off bakesale, Christmas light removal, gourd tossing and a What’s in the Box auction along with many other interesting approaches.

Other Places to Look

  • Ask academic departments! Some have funds set aside to assist students in funding learning opportunities within their discipline.
  • Explore your hometown/local resources. Are you part of a Church? A civic organization? Can you ask the Rotary club? Lions club? Legions? (For more ideas, refer to the ProWorld and WorldTeach guides on the first page of this handout.)
  • SGA has funds available to attend conferences, etc. See Oleville for more information.

Also, check out materials from our Grassroots Grant and Proposal Writing Workshop!