Interviewers: who will interview you, and what do they want?

Who interviews you will depend on the situation

  • You may be given an initial screening interview by someone from Human Resources.
  • You may be interviewed by one person — the hiring interviewer.
  • You may be interviewed by a panel of interviewers.
  • You may be interviewed by one interviewer after another.

When you find out that you have an interview, ask about the format and structure of the interview — if the organization doesn’t give you that information.

What do interviewers want?

  • Interviewers want to
    — Figure out whether you would be a good fit with the organization
    — Find out whether you are really interested in the position or program
    — Confirm that you are as qualified as your resume and cover letter suggest
  • Interviewers want you to be the right candidate for the role.
  • Interviewing is time-consuming and expensive.  Saying “no” means that the interviewer has to spend time and money looking for someone else!
  • Interviewers want your skills and and experiences to connect to something that matters to them.
  • Interviewers are most interested in what you can give them.  They are less interested in what they can give you.
  • Interviewers are very interested in the questions that you ask them.  Your questions show them what you think is important.

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