How do you prepare a benefit statement?

How do you develop content for a benefit statement?

  • Write down your accomplishments and 3-5 skills for each accomplishment
  • Identify transferable skills that show how the organization will benefit from your work

Accomplishment: completed independent research on gender role-typing in two year olds
Skills used: (a) worked independently; (b) conducted research using varied sources; (c) interviewed subjects using a self-designed questionnaire

How do you write and practice a benefit statement?

  • Write out a benefit statement using your Accomplishments and Skills Used as a guide
  • Tailor the statement to fit the particular role and the organization
  • Rewrite, edit, and polish the statement until you are comfortable with it
  • Practice delivering the statement until you can say it comfortably and naturally
  • Know the statement well enough so that you can use it under pressure.  However, be careful not to sound as if you are reciting a speech!
  • Make an appointment on Handshake with a Piper Center coach to review your statement

If you decide to “wing” your benefit statement (give a short summary without written preparation)

  • You will likely ramble and lose the interviewer’s attention, and
  • You may also forget key information about your background, qualifications, and experience

What general questions might an interviewer ask?