How do you use the online St. Olaf Alumni Directory?

You can use the St. Olaf Alumni Directory to find alumni in fields and careers that interest you.

You can search for

  • Alumni in your location
  • Alumni with majors or interests similar to yours
  • Alumni that work in industries that you would like to explore

When you contact alumni, let them know

  • That you are a St. Olaf student who has access to the online Alumni Directory.  Alumni want to know how you came across their name
  • That you are a student in a particular class year
  • That you are majoring in a particular subject
  • That you are calling for a particular purpose, which you will share

To search the St. Olaf Alumni Directory

  • Search for all names that begin with the information entered
    If you enter “Ols,” for example, you will be given both “Olsen” and “Olson”
  • Search for a place of employment, graduate institution, or degree by entering variations of the term that you think you want
    If you want to find “Master of Arts degree,” for example, you may also want to try “MA,” an abbreviation for “Master of Arts”

Each search will pull a random sample of alumni fitting the search criteria and will produce a maximum listing of 50 alumni.

If you are interested in contacting someone from the list, you can click on the name to get contact information.

The St. Olaf Alumni Directory

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