Resume Headings: Education

Include institutions

  • List the name and address of your current post-secondary institution (i.e., St. Olaf)
  • List any other post-secondary institutions if you would like to do so
  • Include information about your high school ONLY if you are a first year or sophomore student

Include degrees

  • List your degree or expected degree for each institution

Include date of graduation

  • List the date or expected date of your graduation from each institution

Include your major(s) and/or concentrations

  • List majors and concentrations as well as areas of emphasis for each institution
  • If you have taken courses that relate directly to your professional objectives, or if you have taken courses that are not standard for your major/concentration, you may want to include the titles of those courses

Include your grade point average (GPA)

  • You may may want to include your GPA, or the GPA in your major, if your GAP is a 3.5 or higher
  • In some cases, you will want or need to include your GPA if it is below a 3.5 (see your faculty or the Piper Center for advice)

Include off-campus study programs

  • Employers and graduate schools view domestic and international travel as an indication of your ability to immerse yourself into another culture and develop skills unique to that experience
  • You can highlight off-campus study programs in this section or in a separate heading
  • Include a brief description (no more than one sentence) to explain the nature or value of the program

Resume Headings: Work, internship, research, and other experience